Drop the Bomb !!!

Soul Avengerz - Drop the Bomb (Dance Floor Mayhem Mix)
Chriss Fresha Request !!

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Chriss_Fresha dedi ki...

LOL.. Thank you very much :)
Excellent job :)

i hope you'll help me with the other 2 tracks i've requested :)

You are THE BEST! :)
Keep up that work ;)

DJBejoyous dedi ki...

You are welcome Chriss..I'll add too your other requests soon..

Enjoy !!

Chriss_Fresha dedi ki...

what happened :)?
did u add them :(

DJBejoyous dedi ki...

NO Criss, not yet...
I am heppened because, I'm allways Happy :))))

I'll add Criss..I have busy recently..sorry

Adsız dedi ki...

mu servers vs servers frre